Trump: I'm not sure whether double 11 will see Putin at G20 summit.


According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Trump told reporters on the 9th, "I will meet with Putin during the G20 summit. I don't know if we will meet in Paris, but we will attend the leader's luncheon meeting. " Trump said he had a very good relationship with the Russian head of state Putin. Trump stressed: "maintaining good relations with Russia is a good thing."

It is understood that the group of twenty summit will be held in Buenos Aires from November 30th to December 1st.

Russian President Press Secretary Peskov said on November 7 that Russian President Putin and US President Trump will meet in Paris on November 11. But percov insisted: "they will see each other." But he said, "indeed, things are changing. The multilateral model of the 100th anniversary commemoration of the end of the first World War did not allow the two presidents to conduct in-depth talks.

It is reported that in July 16th this year, Trump and Putin held their first formal meeting in Helsinki. In a joint press conference, Trump denied the conclusion of the US intelligence service that Russia's intervention in the 2016 US presidential election triggered a storm of public opinion at home. Since then, the US Russia summit and Putin's visit to the United States and other issues have been difficult to be confirmed by the two sides after several changes.

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