Bolton said the United States would not deploy missiles in Europe: a violation of the central treaty


According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, when Bolton arrived in Paris on Friday (9) local time, he said, "In the foreseeable future, the United States has no plans to deploy missiles in Europe that violate the standards of the China Guidance Treaty".

Bolton said that this is related to some of the United States'international allies, and pointed out that the United States maintains close communication with its partners on this issue. Meanwhile, Bolton again accused Russia of violating the "guided treaty".

Unlike Bolton's attitude in his statement, the atmosphere in which he held talks with Putin was full of gunpowder. During his meeting with Bolton on October 23, Putin criticized the unjustified accusations made by the United States against Russia and jokingly asked Bolton whether the eagle on the American emblem had swallowed the olive branch, leaving only the arrow. Bolton replied that he did not bring olive branches.

Russia has previously denied Bolton's accusations and warned that if the United States withdraws from the Guidance Treaty. Russia will respond in the same way to restore military balance.

A spokesman for the Oak Palace said that despite the weaknesses of the Guidance Treaty, it was very dangerous for the United States to decide to withdraw without proposing a better alternative treaty. Former Soviet leader Gorbachev also warned that the withdrawal of the agreement could have disastrous consequences.

In addition, the US's move to withdraw from the "guided treaty" also alerted European countries. If the treaty is abolished, some European countries fear that the United States may deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe again, and Russia may deploy nuclear missiles in its enclaves accordingly, when Europe may once again become a potential nuclear battlefield.

U.S. President Trump announced on October 20 that the United States would withdraw from the 1987 Guidance Treaty with Russia on the grounds that Russia had violated its provisions. The treaty stipulates that both sides will completely destroy and prohibit medium-range and short-range missiles ranging from 500 km to 1000 km and medium-range missiles ranging from 1000 km to 5500 km.

In response, Russian Vice Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov strongly responded on 21 that Russia would take a series of retaliatory measures, including military measures, if the United States continued to unilaterally withdraw from the agreement.

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