Qilin 990 completed the first streaming test: or the 7Nm technology integrated the 5G baseband.


According to the industry chain quoted by the domestic media, preparations for Kirin 990 have already begun. Huawei is currently conducting related tests with TSMC. It is expected that the first quarter of next year will be a streaming film, which will be officially released next autumn as usual.

It is understood that both Kirin 990 and its predecessor Kirin 980 are 7-nm process, but Kirin 990 uses the second generation of 7-nm process of TSMC, which will further optimize its performance and power consumption.

According to the schedule disclosed before TSMC, EUV EUV extreme ultraviolet lithography technology will be used for the first time in the second generation of 7Nm lithography, and the first film streaming has been completed, but large-scale production is planned for 2020. It is reported that EUV technology can increase the transistor density by 20% in the 7Nm process and reduce power consumption by 6-12% at the same frequency.

It is reported that Kirin 990 is currently conducting related tests, and each test will cost about 200 million yuan, which is extremely expensive. The most advanced semiconductor technology has always been a big money-burner, so enterprises entering this field are giants with strong financial strength.

It is worth mentioning that Kirin 980 is not a processor that supports 5G signals. It has to plug in a separate baseband Baron 5000. The unicorn 990 is different from Unicorn 980. It will integrate the 5G baseband to create a real 5G phone.

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